Thursday, February 2, 2012

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 Find your dream job in Hollywood. In order to become an actor or become an actress, you must first have a passion and drive to learn your craft. However, many young actors make the mistake of not realizing that there is much more to living the actor’s life. A key part of beginning (or transitioning into) your acting career is insuring your financial stability. Before you begin, you should have a supply of cash in place. If you’re moving to a city like New York, Los Angeles or London, you’ll need to factor in the higher costs of urban living. Spend some time researching banks and credit unions in the city, noting interest rates and checking fees. Search for affordable housing. Keep in mind that this could take some time as well as trial-and-error situations. Commit yourself to a reasonable budget; you don't want unpaid bills delaying the start of your career. Thousands of Acting and Modeling Auditions

There are plenty of opportunities for actors to find work throughout the year. Not all acting jobs are commercial acting jobs! Acting in student films is a valuable way to gain both experience and exposure. Each spring, New York's film schools offer numerous opportunities for working in student films. Participating actors get to work with the industry's up-and-coming directors. A role in a student film allows you to practice your acting skills while enhancing your resume. Student films are often shown at international film festivals, providing a valuable opportunity to display your acting talent. An additional bonus is that more often than not, student directors will hire non-union actors, so you won’t need to worry about having to join SAG to get film acting credits on our resume! Keep in mind that you probably won’t get paid on a student film. You will generally receive free transportation and food as well as copies of the film on DVD or VHS as payment. Submit yourself to hundreds of Auditions now!

Technically, a working actor is someone who is paid to perform dramatic (or comedic) works. In order to call yourself a professional actor, you must be paid for your work. Keep in mind that a working actor may have a steady stream of jobs, but not be able to support him-/herself by acting jobs alone. The sad truth is that most actors are never really able to settle into a long-term job. There is always the next audition, the next gig... Explore Talent

The important thing is to keep getting out there and keep being seen. In the meantime, look into joining a temp agency to earn extra money. Temp agencies are geared toward people in the workforce who cannot commit to full-time jobs and need flexibility. Some temp agencies are even geared specifically toward actors, placing them in temp jobs related to the industry. join our Modeling and acting casting today!

Becoming an actor simply involves going to auditions and getting an acting gig. Build up your resume as an actor with advice from an experienced stage and screen performer in this free video on acting.

Kids wanted for modeling and acting. If your child wants to be an actor then they are going to need to learn how to "act" - but that's not why you want them to go to acting school. Acting classes are a great way to encourage you child to do an activity they're excited about which also has lots of amazing benefits. Attending "The Playground" acting conservatory can help your child with: • improved self esteem • more complete reading comprehension • enhanced diction and pronunciation • longer attention span • better concentration • improved listening skills • confidence while speaking: in public, one-on-one, in groups, and in interviews • better grades in school • a happier more engaged attitude to Explore Talent
You have to get your kids involved in something - why not pick something they'll really love. Something that they want to do? Some kids go to tennis lessons, some do swimming and some take piano lessons. Other kids want to go to acting programs where they'll learn how to be confident, well spoken and pay attention. The important thing for you, as a parent, is to encourage your child's interests while also helping them be prepared for life. Maybe they're never going to get a role in a big Hollywood movie - but they might. More importantly, with the skills and confidence that they gain at The Playground acting conservatory they will be ready for every interview they ever face, they'll be able to speak well and clearly, and they'll have the confidence to succeed in life. Find Auditions - Sign up for free with Explore Talent