Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Start networking and see your cash grow, by developing your resources.

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Networking and resources:
1) you might want to establish your own audience by creating accounts with the following services, if you haven't already:
Facebook, twitter, linked-in, Google, my space etc. Note: your email account also provide communication services.

2) Create your free blog (recommended) or create your free website: Google blogs give you the opportunity to screen your visits and see how well each posting creates attention. Your site will become your home base for your business network and this is where you'll introduce your products/services to your customers/clients.

View tutorial for creating your blog

3) Create your ebay account with tens of thousands of people visiting everyday. Ebay is rated as the top most popular marketing site in the world, over millions of people have merchandise, equipment, autos, electronics and all sorts of great things to purchase and resale.
Ebay is the place to be, thousands of people make thousands of dollars there everyday.
With no money at all you can get involved into one of the biggest franchises ever and triple your growth.
After getting your strategy down to a science, you will be making money without barely trying.
To get a better understanding, take a look at the video below.

View tutorial video for ebay

4) Create your Craig's list account: Get familiar with Craig's list, because just like ebay it is one of the largest marketing network in the world. Craig's list is also a great place to buy and resale your merchandise and equipment to an audience of thousands per day.

View tutorial for Craig's list

 5) Create your Paypal account

 Paypal is a safe and secure way to manage your money and the service is free to start.
You can use your Paypal account anywhere and collect your money in the matter of a few mouse clicks.
You can also collect your money directly from your blog or web site an use your Paypal debit card to make withdrawals.
Paypal also gives you the option of connecting to your personal or business bank account for all of your financial needs.